£310,000 Worth Of Tenant’s Deposits Illegally Unprotected In First Quarter of 2017

Leading property campaigner, Ajay Jagota, has revealed that during the first quarter of 2017, up to £310,000 has been illegally unprotected. The renting reformer keeps a running total of the cash value of deposits that letting agents have been convicted of stealing. 2017 ...

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How To Get Your Tenancy Deposit Back From Your Landlord

A tenancy deposit is paid to a landlord when renting a property or a room. This is usually the equivalent of one month's rent and is meant to cover any damages to the property during your tenancy. However, when your tenancy ...

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20% of Tenants Will Remain Renters Over Homeowners

  New research by The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) has revealed that two out of every five tenants are planning to remain in rented accommodation, rather than owing a property. The survey asked 1,000 tenants who have their deposits registered with ...

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Your Deposit Wasn’t Protected By Your Landlord – Now What?

If you've just discovered your tenancy deposit wasn't protected in a government approved scheme by your landlord, what do you do next? Here at Deposit Recovery Claims, we work to get back your deposit (and more) if your landlord FAILED TO PROTECT ...

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Was My Money Put Into a Deposit Protection Scheme?

When you agree to rent a property, you're often required to pay a deposit to your new landlord. This is usually the equivalent of 1 months rent, which is a significant amount of money for many renters. But did you know that landlords ...

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Tenancy Deposit Amounts Are Increasing

  Following the publication of The Deposit Protection Service's Tenancy Deposit Ratings for April to June 2016, it's clear that the cost of renting a property in England & Wales is increasing. To secure a rented property, tenants usually must pay their new ...

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Still Time To Submit Your Claim Before Christmas

The festive season has arrived! December is flying by already but we've had a fantastic year, helping hundreds of people to claim back cash from their landlords! Over the Christmas break, our offices will be closed from Friday 23rd December to Tuesday 3rd January 2017. If you submit a ...

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Rented Accommodation? Don’t Forget To Claim Your Deposit Back!

It has been revealed that millions of pounds worth of tenancy deposits have gone unclaimed in Scotland. Scottish government figures show that deposits worth £2.4 million have been unclaimed, as of September 2016. The cash is being held in three of the ...

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Is Your Landlord Withholding Your Deposit?

When it comes to moving out of rented accommodation, most spend a lot of time making sure the property looks clean and doesn't show too many signs of wear and tear. This all counts towards ensuring you receive your tenancy deposit back from ...

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How Can I Check If I Can Claim?

Do you suspect that your landlord has failed to protect your tenancy deposit? You can check if your deposit has been placed into a government approved scheme, by visiting each of the three tenancy deposit scheme providers' websites. Simply put in your rental property ...

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The Law

Landlords have an obligation to pay deposits received from Tenants into a deposit protection scheme.

The law states that every Landlord who takes a deposit from a Tenant has to protect that deposit by lodging it with one of 3 tenancy deposit protection schemes.

The basis for this requirement is to stop Landlords utilising a Tenants deposit monies as income elsewhere and to make it easier to obtain the return of your deposit when a Tenancy comes to an end.

The three schemes are:

The Claim

If a Landlord fails to lodge the deposit with one of the 3 tenancy protection schemes within 30 days of the date on which the deposit was provided by the Tenant the Landlord will be subject to a penalty.

The penalty is likely to be between 1-3 times the amount of deposit paid.

Landlords continue to ignore the law in this regard and to assist Tenants (we do not act for Landlords) we have a team of experienced lawyers operating on cases around the UK enforcing Tenants rights against Landlords and obtaining compensation on behalf of Tenants from Landlords who have failed to comply with their obligations.

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Our Fee

Our review of the claim questionnaire is free.

All claims are dealt with under “No Win No Fee” agreements and the work is conducted by a panel of specialist Solicitors from start to finish.

No payment is required at the outset to start your claim.

You will also be offered After the Event Insurance for increased protection against any adverse costs.

Hi I would like to say a big thank you for your help and advice you all have been great to work with and I am very happy with the outcome I would recommend you to anyone that has the same problem I have had thank u very much Julie /Lisa and Andrea big thumbs up xx

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